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Pineapple and Ginger Fizz Recipe - virgin or boozy

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We happened upon Pineapple and Ginger Fizz one evening when The Little Miss and I found ourselves waiting for my son to finish Scouts. It was belting down with rain and I’d run out of things to do while we waited. Every café was shut and we ended up in quite a nice bar. Little Miss clearly thought this was quite ‘the thing’, going for a grown up drink and took it all very seriously.

However, going out for a simple drink is not an easy thing, when your drink needs to be non-alcoholic and ideally not too heavy with FODMAPs. She also doesn’t really like classic fizzy drinks, which is a blessing, but our options were now very limited. Luckily the place was otherwise empty so we asked the bartender to make up this cocktail (please!)

The key to this drink is the crushed ice: the volume of ice is deceptive and can trick you into thinking you’re having more of a potentially tummy troubling ingredient like fruit juice, than you actually are. Meaning you can have another!

For a grown-up drink, do feel free to add a measure of vodka and lose the straws and umbrellas. You can watch me knock this together on the my video here

50ml fresh pineapple juice (not from concentrate)

Lime wedge

Crushed ice

Soda water

¼ tsp. finely grated root ginger

Optional measure of vodka

Fresh pineapple wedge to decorate

Fill a margarita glass 2/3 full of crushed ice. You can of course use any glass but I like to make it feel special. Add the pineapple juice and grate in the ginger root. Squeeze the lime wedge over the ice and top the glass up with soda water (and vodka if you are using it!). Decorate with the pineapple wedge and straws / umbrellas/ dancing girls as you see fit. Cheers Little Miss!