Read Marianne Williams' review of the Our House For Tea's Low-FODMAP Family Cook Book

I was both thrilled and touched by Marianne William's review of Our House For Tea's Low-FODMAP and Family Cookbook. Marianne is impressively knowledgable about all things FODMAP. She set up the first NHS primary care dietititan-led gastroenterolgy clinic in the UK in 2011. She knows all the science of IBS, the Low-FODMAP diet, food allergies, coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity and I was awestruck by the list of her awards. I always say, if you want to know more about Low-FODMAP, speak to a professional and Marianne certainly knows her onions. This being a Low-FODMAP book, onions are probably a bad example! Read more about Marianne here

In the meantime have a look at these lovely words!

This is a wonderful family-focused low FODMAP recipe book born out of a need for simple, practical food that would be both healthy and acceptable to the entire family. The reality is that cooking separate meals as a busy parent is destined to cause exhaustion and frustration and may lead to an eventual inability to follow the diet. This book gives down-to-earth recipes which will appeal to the kids as well as the adults. There's no suggestion that the family need to, or should, follow the entire FODMAP diet with every meal, but this book makes great suggestions for those meals you are likely to eat together. Great ideas from 'fruity ribs' to delicious looking 'cheesey drop scones' as well excellent ideas for meat and vegetable stock. Even puddings are covered with ideas such as tasty banana pancakes and adult treats such as hot chilli vodka. The photos are a great addition as are some of Laura's low FODMAP hints and tips. A very useful addition to the low FODMAP recipe book collection.  

NOTE: As with all FODMAP recipe books it will be important to keep abreast of any updates or changes to the ‘allowed’ foods.

Marianne Williams 7th October, 2016